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Kingdom of Pixels


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Kingdom of Pixels is a 2D MOBA, Platformer game similar to the style of other MOBAs like League of Legends and DOTA 2. The game's theme is pixel-like, bringing a nostalgic and simplistic feel to it. Choose among a diverse roster of heroes to play as, and win the match by destroying the enemy's crystal! By killing enemy minions and heroes, you gain Gold to build and upgrade items and Experience to level up and become stronger. You can utilize map elements such as Runes and Brushes to your advantage and control the match in your favor! With a wide variety of heroes and items to choose from, you'll experience unique and distinct games. Choose between a melee or ranged hero that specializes in either Normal or Magic type damage, customize your item build to fit your playstyle, and conquer your enemies with plans and strategies! The game is still in its Pre-Alpha stage, and there are many things that the developer plans on improving and implementing into the game. Average match length: ~15 minutes Current playable game modes: 1 v 1 Ranked Match (Go head-to-head with your opponent!) 2 v 2 Ranked Match (Match up with someone and win through cooperation and teamwork!) Practice Match (Play solo and try out different item combinations with

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battle, war, action, fight, killing, shooting, hero, fun, adventure, kids

Added: 19 June 2022 | Played: 34 times


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